T-Minus 6 days

Long talks. Hammocks. Picnics. Sunrises. Road trips. Camping. The Shore. Red Dirt. Long hugs. The Giver. Camping. Work. Blog posts. Bows&Arrows. Concerts. Injuries. Family. Tears. Silence. DIYs. Laughter. Love. & Sunshine.

Aka: Some of the things my summer has consisted of.

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BeFunky Collage

Some might know and some might not but I go to pretty much the best school ever; Azusa Pacific University. It is where people hate to leave, and beg to come back to. Truth be told I am one of those people 100%. I was at first excited to come home to Rocklin, then after about 4 days I was begging to go back; so I think that tells you just how amazing my school truly is.

Well I leave for APU in 6 days and I could not be more excited! I started off writing this post as a huge recap of everything that went down this summer, but by the time I got half way done I realized my summer was way too eventful to write about it in detail. No body would actually read it all anyways haha who was I kidding. Instead I’m sticking with a recap of my recap.

My summer was definitely one I will never forget. I feel like everyone says that at the end of every summer but hey it’s summer and its when we typically have the most free time on our hands. I’ve learned a lot this summer, and I am excited with who I am becoming. I have started working on creating new healthy habits and getting rid of bad ones. All of this makes me amped for everything to come!

Throughout this summer I have had to endure some very difficult things, from realizations about how unsatisfied I happened to be with the person I was, to a death of someone who helped shape who I am today. I also had a lot of firsts, from having to wear a boot for the first time to my first road trip by myself. I’ve also had many moments where I smile whenever I think about them, from going watching the sunrise with my favorite girls to reconnecting with old friends I had lost touch with.

Every summer is different in some sort of way, but I cannot say that I would want to change one thing about the summer I have had. I have mixed emotions with the fact that it is coming to a close. Yet I can say that I am ready to be back in the place I truly call my home, APU.

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