Hello, my name is “———” and Im a “———” Major

"Are you kidding me look"
“Are you kidding me look”

When you’re in college and you’re meeting someone, or just trying to hit up a friendly conversation at some point you will reach the “what is your major” topic.

It could go various ways; From

  • Right off the bat – Hello, my name is “———” and Im a “———” Major
  • (to) The awkward silence filler – Soooo, what is your major?
  • (or) Using it as a “Connection” – I heard you’re a”———“major like me! we must be so similar!

No matter which way the conversation goes it is always awkward for those like me. If you are like me you have changed your major multiple times, or just have no idea what your major should be. You might even feel pulled in multiple directions to majors that seem to have little or no correlation at all -or- feel like you are actually an alien from another planet where you get to change your occupation whenever you desire without any consequences to your bank account.

So what exactly do you do in this situation? Do you tell them the major you have at the moment? Do you say you’re undecided? Do you run like hell or pretend you never heard them ask? Because I have no clue and honestly, no matter what you do it will turn out badly. Well, I am just saying this from my experience! You might be this super smooth person where awkward moments only come once in a decade, and if thats you then this blog will see pretty silly to you. But- if you are like me then; If you tell them the major you have at the moment, then you decide to change it later things get awkward. If you tell them you’re undecided they either try to tell you what they believe you would be good at or they ask you what you’re leaning toward. Where you continue to list off the majors you are considering that probably cover the entire spectrum of possibilities, and things get awkward. Or you ignore them/leave making things really awkward.

No, I am not writing this post to freak you out and convince you to never ask someone’s major. I am just trying to help everyone who isn’t like me understand how hard it can get for those who do not know what their major should be exactly.

In my one year at college (hah that is not that long but it seems like forever) I have noticed that people make majors a major deal (see what I did there hah). Some people that I met used it as a label, “I am a ‘———‘ major, and this is who I am”. Others used it to define how much drive someone has, “Oh you’re undecided/a    ‘———‘ major? What exactly are you planning on doing with that…” -verses-  “Oh! You’re a nursing/business major? Way to go, you will do great things!”. Then there are those who used it to put someone on a scale of how put together their life is / think someone is a charity case and helps them to feel better about themselves, “You’re a ‘———‘ major, oh hun you would be much more successful doing ‘———‘. What were you thinking? Okay we need to lay out a plan for all the classes you need to take and when”.

No joke it makes me want to be like ->

But that would be considered rude…

You might be thinking in this moment that I am joking, or over exaggerating. Sadly, I am not. Every single statement written above I have gotten, or witnessed being said to a friend of mine (because I am definitely not a nursing major).

At this moment I am crossing my fingers that whomever is reading this post is starting to realize just how hard it might be for those who don’t have a major picked out. Or even those who are straying from the pack and picking a nontraditional major!

Let me take this a little bit further; A person is not defined by their major, looks, past, or amount of money their family has. Through this blog I am hoping that what I have written has made it visible that a considerate heart is vital for everyone to have, especially in college. It is the place where people from many different places and backgrounds come to further their knowledge. Everyone is different from the hometowns they come from, to, their sense of humor. Yet despite all these differences everyone deserves respect and love from all of those around them and it completely irks me when I see people being looked down upon just because they are different from someone else. It is 2015 and we are still looking down upon differences instead of embracing them, come on man!

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