Not all who wander are lost…

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Yeah, Yeah. I know. I know. This is such a cliché quote that is entirely overused. You can find it almost anywhere; on bumper stickers, posters, even tattoos. I used to see that quote and think, “that’s nice” or that it was a cool idea, but after reading Noelle Hancock’s post in the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle section my entire view of this quote changed. Noelle Hancock lived in New York with a job that paid $95,000 a year, but based off of her never-ending feeling that she needed a vacation she decided to ditch it all to scoop ice cream in the Caribbean and practically share her apartment with the wildlife living nearby. Most would find this insane but to her she was unhappy and needed a simpler lifestyle .

This story changed my entire view of what this quote meant. It wasn’t just a quote that I thought was nice anymore. It was a quote that resonated with my soul. That might sound silly to you since her post says she often wakes up with wild animals just chill’n in her bathroom, but to me it is a beautiful thing. I’ve always been the one of my friends who wanted to live in many places, and meet new people. I’ve been the one who knew choosing one major and one place to live was not what I envisioned for my life. I saw everyone around me with a passion for their major and an idea about what they wanted to do in life, yet I couldn’t figure out just one major to settle for. Within my first year of college I had changed my major about 5 or 6 times. I had gone in complete circles and practically to the other side of the universe with my major choice. I’ve talked to countless people who have made me fall in love with new majors, helped me envision myself doing some sort of line of work, and helped me (what I was convinced of then) carve in stone my major. Yet, Noelle’s post somehow has given me reassurance to throw all of that advice out the window and to not settle for a job with security, this is because it helped me realize I might be more like Noelle than I am my friends, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Its unsettling for me to think that I might someday have only one job or one town I call home, just as it might be unsettling for you to envision a life of moving around and inconsistency of your job title. Many people are different, and I guess this is my 2 cents worth of advice that I hope people take to heart; Not all people are the same. They have different hopes, different dreams, and envision different things for their life. SO before you tell them they are crazy to think it might work out, remember what hopes and dreams you might have had in the past. Remember how happy you felt if you met those dreams. Then hold back whatever negative thoughts you were going to say and replace them with support, because every negative comment you make about the dream they have is another chip away at their hope and drive to make that dream happen. You have no idea how happy they would be if that dream came true, or if it helps, think about how unhappy they might end up being if they actually do throw away their dream to do whatever you might be saying is the best, most “secure” choice for them.

I often imagine our comfort zones as being an invisible marked line only you can see, and that on the other side of the line is everything you have always wanted to try or do. With this in mind, I think about how crazy it is that someone who changes your life might only be met if you work up enough courage to cross that line and expand your comfort zone. This person might be the love of your life or the person who inspires you to change how you view life, but where you meet them might be a town away or thousands of miles away. Though might I be right, you will never know until you take that leap of faith to go into that coffee shop everyone talks about or to take the internship across the country. So much exists where you have never been, and in things you have never experienced. Also, who knows maybe someone is waiting for you to change their life. You could be the one person who inspires someone in a way no one else has been able to do, and what if someone is needing you to save their life with your kind words.

On the note of kindness; I, Karly La Mar, believe it is THE most important trait one can hold. Kindness opens up doors for so many amazing things. It could affect someone day or entire life. Meeting someone with such pure kindness pouring out of their heart is what changed my life and led me back to church again. You or I could do that for some one if we live our lives with pure kindness. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to inspire?

So, get out there! Travel. Live life. Meet new people. And, Inspire others along the way.

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