Have you ever felt an emotion and thought to yourself, “No you cannot feel this. You are wrong. Stop!”

How do you tell your body and your mind not to feel a certain way, or rewire it to be on the same page as you? What do you do when your body and heart do not know what your brain might.
No – you cannot miss them.
No – you cannot have feelings for them.
No – they are not your friend anymore.
No – do not feel anger towards them.
No- I am over it, sadness is no longer necessary.
I find it jaw dropping how truly separate our thoughts and our emotions can be. As if your subconscious knows something you dont, or something you won’t let it. At times this is helpful. For example when you tell yourself not to be mad at a certain person or remind yourself someone is not worth your time, but in other cases such as sadness or having feelings for another person it might not be. Your body and subconscious is telling you the truth even if you do not want to accept it. Honestly that is a beautiful thing! And I believe I need to stop burying these emotions that could be beneficial to deal with, and just accept them. Process them. Then learn to rid of them in a healthy way if that is still what I want!

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