Random random thoughts.

Sometimes I question the statement “never judge a book by its cover”

Have you ever spent hours staring at a stranger. Well, not just staring, actually studying a stranger. If you answer yes to that, then you cannot also say that after those hours you studied him/her still had no idea who that person was.. If you haven’t studied a stranger before, then you need to try it.

Study them truly. Watch the way their eyes light up when they see a friend coming to visit them. Look at their cheeks blushing as they laugh. Discover what lies beneath their eyes: Is it a soul full of self-pity and hate? Or is it a soul full of happiness and light? Are their movements soft and smooth like bird in flight? Or do they move like the ocean waves, rigid and destructive? Or are they clumsy like something trying to walk for the first time? Are they quick to smile or frown about the little things? Which of those do they happen to do more? Smiling? Frowning? How do they greet a stranger?

People reveal what is on the inside without even knowing it. Even you do it.Thats why I love to just study people, especially happy people. Because you can learn so much without even a word being said. It is such a beautiful thing that even though people try to be everything society tells them to be their eyes reflect their soul, their facial muscles reveal their thoughts, and their movements reflect themselves and how they feel towards another person. “Masks” only cover so much. I love looking so deeply that the mask one might wear becomes invisible.

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