Deeply rooted.

“We are like the little branch that quivers during a storm, doubting our strength and forgetting we are the tree — deeply rooted to withstand all life’s upheavals.” >> Dodinsky

What an alluring statement that it. “We are deeply rooted to withstand all life’s upheavals.” When I read that my immediate response is ‘Well yeah we can go through anything with God as our roots’. Think about that. God makes us strong. When we ask him for help, he gives us hope, because hope is one of the most powerful emotions/feeling. Whether that be hope provided by someone around you, or a different way he seems to add it into your life, God always provides.

That quote is overly true. I have not met one single person who at once in their life did not doubt their abilities. We often forget that our dreams are worldly versions of what God can actually do. You may think your dream is out of reach or impossible, but God always has something planned for us much further than we could ever imagine. Its crazy how even at our lowest points God wants to be there to help us stand tall and not get pushed around by this corrupted world. No that does not mean that we wont fall, or fail, or have our dreams crumble before our eyes. His plan for you is great and maybe something completely opposite of what you had imagined, but it will be incredible and much more than you could have envisioned for yourself.

How crazy is it that we let such small things bring us down. Judgements, breakups, failed tests, being fired. They feel like the end of the world even though these are milestones that only affect our lives here on earth. Society teaches us to be upset, and grow attached to things like that, even when God calls us not to. Those types of items are not what changes our purpose; to glorify Him and show people unconditional love, and God gives us the strength to do so by being our roots and using our lives (if we allow him). Insane.

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