Yes; I am alive and well.

Wow has it really been 3 months since I’ve been on here last?

Man oh man, the time has flown by. With my first time tackling college finals, and making the most out of my breaks, then readjusting to college life; I. Have. Been. Busy.

So let me recap;

  • I surprised my family by coming home for Thanksgiving break.
  • In December my first semester of college came to an end. And Yes, I survived my finals without too many break downs or freak outs.
  • After my finals I flew home for Christmas break where I spent every minute of it going, going, going.
  • And NOW I have been in school again for about a month.

Like I said time has been flying by. I can still remember my moms reaction to me coming home, and exhausted I felt writing my exegetical as if they both happened yesterday.

Being back at APU is both a relief and depressing. It is relieving because I know that I am in my second semester, finishing up my freshman year. Which means I get to go home for 4 months once I am finished. But it is also depressing because I still have 3 months worth of work and tests I have to push through, and excel in before I can go home. Don’t get me wrong I love APU, and being able to go to the beach when I want or drive around LA, but there comes a point when Family and Friends you are close with is who you want to be surrounded by rather than the people you have only known for 4 months.

People often tell you;

  1. “You will find your friends for life in college”
  2. “Campus involvement is key”
  3. “You find your confidence in college”
  4. “You have to know your major before you start college”
  5. “Some of the best times of your life will happen in college”

Let me tell you it is not as easy as everyone makes it seem.             

Yeah, making friends can be easy; go up to someone, say hello, take part in a memorable conversation, then later ask them to hangout, and BOOM! friendship. Though you may become friends, finding deep friendships where connections and meaningful conversations happen is not that simple. A friendship with someone where you can pour your heart out to them is special and does not occur with everyone you become friends with, there has to be a “click” or “connection” with someone, just as there has to be with that boy/girl you may be interested in. And do not think I am crazy, because whether or not you have realized it, I am correct.

Okay. Yes, Campus involvement is important and everyone should take part in it, but no one tells you just how competitive it is. So far I have applied and interviewed for two different campus teams. (A Campus Life Coordinator and a Living Area Counsel position) And I got neither of them. So do not assume just because you want to be involved on campus that it is a given. One has to work for it and be “what they are looking for” or else you will be denied. No, I am not saying to change yourself in oder to be that perfect person for the position you want, but I am saying do not get down on yourself for being denied because there is always another year and or another opportunity.

Confidence. Wooo! Lets talk about Confidence. It. Will. Not. Immediately. Boost. Just. Because. You. Are. Now. In. College. HAH! If anything it will drop once you get into college. I am not denying the fact that at some point in my college career I will slowly become more confident with myself and who I am. But as for now that is not the case. Like I said, if anything your confidence will plummet when you start attending college, and this is because you are freshly introduced to all these drop dead gorgeous girls you never knew existed and you suddenly are forced to realize just how unattractive you really are. (Well coming from a girls perspective)

When I say knowing exactly what you want to major in before college is an amazing thing, I am in no way exaggerating. Though it is true that its good to know, it is not vital. let me restate that; No you do not need to know what you want to major in with the exception of a few majors. For the most part the only majors you need to know before you attend college is; nursing, global studies, and biochemistry. So don’t sweat it if you are not positive about the major you applied with, I mean look at me I have already changed my major three times. Yes, three.

Woah, do you have fun in college. No curfew. Choosing what you want to study. Making sure you have classes with your friends. New faces. Living within walking distance of your friends. Sleeping in. Yes I have to agree that you will have a blast in college with new experiences, freedom, and a new town. But they don’t tell you that you will also have the worst days of your life. From break downs. To sleeping through a class you had a major paper due in. From boys/girls turning you down. To people you call friends forgetting to invite you everywhere. Yeah you have fun, but you also have lows.


BUTTTTT. APU MAN >> I love this place and can easily say I could not imagine myself any other place. If anyone ever has the chance to tour APU and check it out I suggest it, because if this is the place for you then you are incredibly lucky. I say that you’re lucky because there will not be another campus so accepting, so open to changing for the better, or where your president invites you to take hikes with him and walks around campus just to connect with the students at his college. Yupp, J-Dubs is the best. Come here!

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