Mixed signals;

Have you ever met someone and after the first time you hung out with them, you had the feeling that they completely hated you. Only to find out later that you were completely wrong, and in reality they really liked you, but for some reason you picked up the signal that they weren’t trying to send?

Its crazy how we can completely misinterpret events in our lives, and how our individual characteristics, moods, confidence levels, knowledge, or hope levels could possibly alter the message that was trying to be sent to us. And how I interpreted my GYRAD date verses how my friends interpreted it, is a perfect example of this!

MY FRIENDS: Going into my GYRAD my friends were convinced my date was going with me because he thought I was cute or wanted to get to know me. They thought he was going on GYRAD as a D.A.T.E. and was super excited to go. During the date they were telling me how much he was into me, and they he constantly was flirting with me. Then by the end they were fangirling over “how cute and amazing” we were. –> They came out of it thinking we were going to be more than friends.

ME: Going into it I was convinced my date was going with me out of pity. Well, actually 5 people told me he was, and that he was taken yet was going because he thought if he didn’t go my roommate wouldn’t be able to find me another date. So I told him 3 times that he didn’t have to go. I was trying to give him a way out to save myself the embarrassment, and guilt I had been feeling because of the fact the was taking time to go with me “out of pity”. I thought of it as a d a t e, as though that was a loose term since it wasn’t a date. During the date I continually disregarded the things my friends were saying, but still thought he was having fun. Then by the end, I didn’t really know what to think. I was at this in between state of thinking he had fun, and that he didn’t/didn’t want to go. –> I came out of it thinking he might consider us friends someday soon.

You see My friends individual characteristics, moods, confidence levels, knowledge, and hope levels were different than mine was. They were super pumped for my GYRAD, they were confident he would like me, and they were VERY hopeful we would end as more than friends. While I was lacking confidence, my mood was fearful, and I had all this knowledge of people telling me he didn’t want to go. All of these things affected how we perceived the same date, and I believe God calls us to understand this.

We are called to understand this because some situations need to be looked at differently than we have been looking at them. You may be convinced God isn’t doing anything in your life, and everything is falling apart. When in reality God might want you to look at things from a different perspective and see that what you are thinking or perceiving could be completely wrong! He just might be doing something amazing in your life, yet you are too blinded by opposite thoughts that you’re missing it.

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