Gods Purposeful Miracles

God performs a lot of miracles, but most of the time they get thought of as just that, miracles. The part where it was God’s work goes unsaid, and it’s been weighing on my heart to give God credit for me being alive right now.

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Some may know that on July 10th of this year God decided I was worthy of one of these miracles. To be specific; As I was at the river for a friends birthday, I climbed up a cliff and on top of a giant tree root in front of a rope swing. Then as I had one hand on the rope swings handle, I was looking to the right of me as I discussed with my friends if I should take the leap or faith or not. Well lets just say my body made the decision that I should before I actually knew I was going to do so, because I somehow slipped off the tree trunk after I spun my head around to look at the river in front of me. And before I knew it I was swinging in the air with one hand on the handle, which eventually couldn’t hold my body weight anymore, slipping to my doom. (So people say) When I slipped off the handle I ended up falling about 20 feet down to the beach. I hit my butt, then back, then my head, knocking myself out for 30-45 seconds. Which explains why I remember nothing after the moment I turned my head to view the river before me.

{Pictures above // Left:Me thinking it was all a big joke as I posted to my snapchat story HAH Center: Getting some work done by awesome firefighters. Right: Tree/cliff I fell from.}

After firefighters, 2 ambulances, a cat scan, an MRI, and 3 nights in the ER; I was given the verdict that I had a bruised tailbone, a concussion, and 4 sprained ligaments in my spine. But within those 4 days, and 3 nights in the ER I heard countless stories about how I shouldn’t be walking, yet alone alive. Everyone else who had come to that hospital after going through a fall like mine, and, or a fall from that exact rope swing, never walked away from it. Yet there I was, alive, and walking out of the hospital. There is no other explanation for this other than that it was a miracle from God.

Not only did God give me this amazing miracle, he gave me a support group. People surrounded me and loved on me. They came to visit me in my four days of being there, and sent me messages filled with love. Though I attempted to keep it from as many people as I could my friends wanted everyone to know I was struggling and deserved love, which caused more people to contact me with the same worry and love they had. I never realized before that moment I had actually impacted peoples lives to the point that they were afraid of loosing me, and worried about the fact that I was in pain. I unintentionally left some sort of mark in others hearts and lives, knowing this warmed my soul almost as much as Gods loving miracle he gave me did.

I cannot explain why God chose me, or what I’m supposed to think about the fact that he did. But I thank him every day for the fact that I get to live this life that he has blessed me with. I constantly struggle with the question of “Why me? Out of all the incidents like mine, why am I the one walking away from it?”. And as of right now, God has decided that its not my time to know this answer, but to know I’m supposed to dwell on the fact that he did it for a reason.

Knowing that there was a reason behind it has caused me to constantly search for possibilities of why, and I think I have found a hint of what it could be. Recently I was talking to this guy about how he knows so many people, and his simple response was “well people are the single most amazing thing on this earth”. The truth behind that hit me hard. People are amazing. So many of them have beautiful souls that I want to get to know, that I want to help. These beautiful souls are hiding, or confused, or suffering and they need our help. Our help to not only show them the love of God and all he can do, but to show him the love that overwhelms us causing us to want to love on them as well. We need to overflow with kindness and selflessness. So that is what I have discovered. I am called to make a difference in the lives of others, and help them and much as I can.

At least that is as much as I can tell for now. I will still be asking God with a patient heart to reveal the answers to me, but I know in time he will show me and open the doors to get me where I need to be as long as I stay faithful to him and work to be all he has called me to be, because we need to never forget that “We are the clay, HE is the potter; we are all the work of His hand.” Isaiah 64:8

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