Pause; A shout out to my loved ones.

Do you ever have those moments in life when you cant help but pause and think about how much you wish someone specific was there to experience it with you, or you just have a desire to hug a loved one and talk to them for hours? Well being 8 hours away from home, this seems to happen a lot for me. I constantly have the smile, name, or face of a loved one pop up in my head as I’m going through my days here at APU.

PicMonkey Collage 1 PicMonkey Collage 2 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4

At least one of the people above pop into my head on a daily basis.

My family because I wish they were here to see how happy I am and experience such an amazing place like this. I miss their constant support and love when I need it, but also to be the silly escape I need whenever possible because they are experts at them.

My sister because she is my best friend. No doubt about it. And no matter what I’m going through she will be there for me. We fly together, forever. And our tattoo is proof of this. Yes of course she will give me crap when I mess up, but thats what sisters do and I know its because she believes I can do great things, and having someone like that walking by your side through life is an amazing thing. AND I MISS MY IPHONE BECAUSE I CANT SNAPCHAT HER 24/7 LIKE WE USED TO.

Vanessa because who wouldn’t want their best friend to be there with them. Every single time I get to do something fun, I cant help but imagine how much better it would be if she were there. She is the one of the few people that can make any moment fun for me. She is the person who seeks adventure with me 24/7, and never turns down my reckless ideas, I mean once she went geocaching with me at 11:30 at night just because she knew I was craving it. She knows when a hug is needed, and when she needs to push me because she know I can be better. I miss her everyday, and I wish she could be by my side through everything.

Sean and Dylan because this dynamic duo are the other people who have the ability to make every moment enjoyable. Even as I lay on the beach injured waiting for an ambulance they have the ability to make me laugh and help me stay positive, trust me I would know. Ahah. These two are some of the most supportive friends I have been blessed with. They challenge me in my faith and constantly boost my self esteem because they know I need it sometimes. These boys accept me as I am and never put me down, they let me vent, and cry, and sleep on their shoulders in times of need or just because I want too. Man do I wish these boys were experiencing APU with me.

So shout out to them, and everyone else in the pictures about. Because every single person up there, as well as Chelsey Burgess (No I didn’t forget about you girly) , has affected me in some way that I wish you were here with me constantly. I love and miss you all, cant wait till winter break!

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