Im a strong believer in the importance of self-discovery.

Too many people these days have no idea who they are, what they truly are passionate about, or what intrigues them. It flabbergasts me that people are convinced they need to be constantly surrounded by others.

Sometimes the best way to truly discover yourself is to take time to yourself. Get alone. Surround yourself with silence. Where do you thoughts take you?

Thoughts reveal what is in your soul. A clean mind is a kind soul. And a kind soul is a clean mind. But you cannot have one without the other that’s the tricky part. Just knowing where your thoughts take you tells you alot about who you are when no one can alter your thoughts, and where no one can break your train of thought.

No one has the ability to define you. Don’t let their comments or actions fool you. Most people unknowingly attempt to change you and conform you into who they want you to be. Though don’t be fooled, people in your life are not there for that reason. They are there to support you, to inspire you, to guide you. Never ever should they define you, or force you down a path that isn’t “you”.

This is why I encourage everyone to take time alone, maybe go for a walk or sit in a coffee shop. Just focus on yourself and search for your desires and fears. What are your goals? Keep taking time alone until those answers are easy to answer, and live life they way you desire to live it. Be who you long to be. it isn’t as hard as everyone lets on. đŸ™‚

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